About Mid Group

We strive to deliver the very best results across all of our divisions, time and time again, for clients all over the world.

As one of the leading providers of quality engineering construction services in Jordan, the Middle East and abroad, our experience in today’s industry is unrivalled. Founded over 24 years ago, we now operate as a multi-national organisation, with a workforce in excess of 1,300 permanent employees.

The MID Group specialises in investment, construction and development and we’re dedicated to achieving first-class results for our clients and partners. Our team of experts and thought-leaders work tirelessly to deliver projects that go above and beyond every expectation. You only have to look at our ever-growing portfolio and list of projects to see our results.

Originally established in 1991 by founder Sahel Majali, we’ve now grown to become a thriving, multi-disciplined organisation, split into 6 focused divisions. MID Group operates as MID Contracting MENA, MID Contracting UK, MID Holding, MID Consulting, Sterling Living and BIM. These dedicated investment, construction and development sectors enable us to offer a complete range of high quality services.

At MID Group, we pride ourselves on the implementation of best international practice within environmental, safety and quality management. Over the years, we have received both local and regional recognition, achieving both ISO 9002 and 9001:2008 certifications, as well as honours from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Jordan.

As a multi-national Group, operating in Jordan, the Middle East and the UK, we are aware of the challenges the construction industry faces in 2015. Working with our partners, clients and incredible work force, we always endeavour to push the boundaries and innovate, making use of new technologies in order to bring projects and ideas to fruition.

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