Sahel Al Majali
Chairman and CEO, Mid Group
Sahel AI Majali

Originally established by Sahel Majali back in 1991 in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, MID Group now operates as a multinational organisation across a number of specialised divisions, including MID Contracting MENA, MID Contracting UK, MID Holding, Sterling Living, MID Consulting and MID BIM.

Over the course of his prestigious career, spanning 30 years, Sahel has worked with some of Jordan’s most renowned companies and individuals. Sahel’s contribution to the country has led to a number of honours including the King Abdullah Award for Excellence and Order of Independence, Grade 3. Sahel’s work has also led the MID Group to be the first entity in the Middle East to achieve the ISO 9001 accreditation.

Headquartered in the UK, Sahel and the MID Group team are responsible for the delivery of a wide range of construction projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UK, working with the likes of USAID, International Relief & Development (IRD) and the Indo Jordan Chemicals Company (IJC).

Sahel Majali currently acts as Chairman and CEO of the MID Group, and overseas all of the organisation’s current projects both in the UK and abroad.

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