Charles Simmons House

Charles Simmons House


The London Borough of Islington



Start Date

January 2018

Completion Date

March 2020

Project Details

This complex project involves the demolition of the existing building and the construction of the new building, over a live Network Rail tunnel, London Underground tunnel and major sewer. 

The Mid Group team have been involved in the initial stages of the project, advising the client on buildability issues.  The approach has been to simplify the construction solution to ensure the building can be built in a simpler form, to eliminate any disruption to the underlying tunnels. 

On completion, the new building will compromise a number of new apartments, a community centre and a retail unit.

Mid Group Companies

Mid Contracting are the main contractor, responsible for the delivery of the project.

Mid Consulting provided initial advice on costing, buildability and design management to ensure the scheme could be built to the client’s budget.

Sterling BIM have provided various services, including BIM management and logistics coordination.