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Herschel Street


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Herschel Street involves the construction of 238 residential properties for client, Click Properties.
The Mid Group has been contracted by the client to deliver this project, using an offsite solution.  Mid Group are using an offsite solution, which means that 70% of the construction works are undertaken offsite, in a controlled factory environment. 

This has the benefit of reducing the onsite construction period to only 15 months, significantly quicker than traditional solutions.

Mid Group Companies

Mid Contracting is the main contractor for the Herschel Street Project, with full responsibility for the delivery of this major new project.

Mid Consulting has provided costing, constructability and programme advice to Click Properties during the initial design development phase of the Herschel Street Project.

Sterling BIM has provided various BIM and visualisation services to the Herschel Street Project.  Sterling BIM has produced an Augmented Reality app for the client, Click Properties, as part of its sales activities.